10 hacks to juice your B2B Partner Program

10 hacks to juice your B2B Partner Program

Are you starting a Partner Program for your B2B? Here are some top hacks to get you started....

Remember: B2B needs to be done a little differently.

1. Break down your reg page into stages (or Events).

B2B registration pages usually require some level of filtering. Make sure you break down the stages of these and constantly test event CVR.

2. Use Video to educate your users.

Education for B2B is key. Videos and white papers need to be tracked by sub source. Use date and time stamp on your Impression level tracking to ensure you see how long people are watching videos and the drop off points.

3. Use First touch attribution for ALL internal channels (Linkedin, Facebook etc)

If you can’t see where a user journey begins, you can’t see the value of that channel. Make sure that your internal activity is separated out from your Partner activity by First and Last Touch.

4. Link Google keywords deep into to the user flow by syncing your Partner Platform to your CRM

This is a good one. Google is great at optimising to conversions. The right conversions might be a different story. Are those registrations turning into demos? Keywords can help.

5. Use QR Codes

QR Codes are coming back! Use them on your business cards, stand at trade shows, packaging etc. Advertising in paper form is dirt cheap so bridge the gap! You will be surprised how effective they can be!

6. Utilise your Customer IDs for reporting

Make sure each new customer that gets created generates a unique ID. This can also be an email address as well. When you have a Customer ID your Partner Platform should allow you to run cohort analysis and create look alike audiences by sub source

7. Don’t use your Partners to test new campaigns.

You will get dumped. Run tests on your own dollar. Nuf said.

8. Automate payments and reports to Partners allowing small referrers to flourish

Small referral sources without automation are a pain in the ass. Automate everything you can in your Partner Program (except the relationship!)

9. Use different landers for different GEOs and audience types.

Speak to your potential users in different voices (keeping things on brand). Obviously the more international your Partner program is, the bigger the reach. Make sure you cater to your users as the hit landers. Languages on landers are an obvious

10. Think beyond traditional channels like Google / Linkedin

Traffic is pretty cheap on Tik Tok, Native or even in paper form with QR codes. Google and LinkedIn should be your mainstays for promotion but also look at sites like G2 or other software comparison sites.