Build a bridge to your customers with a referral program

Build a bridge to your customers with a referral program

Need to create a Partner Program for your B2B but don’t know where to start?

The answer's right in front of you…. 👀

Start with your existing customers......

- Make sure you give them value and turn them into referral sources 🤝

- "Trust is the new oil" - mine it 🛢

- Ensure your the sales team benefits from recruiting referral sources

- Pay on a CPA based on LTV or ARPU (Rev share gets less traction)

- Use QR codes for offline referral tracking at shows etc

- Track post conversion events as leads go into your CRM

- Gamify the referral process (leaderboards, prizes etc) 🎁 🏆

- It's not just money! Give your referral sources intros and coverage

Tech Partners

- Use Crossbeam or Reveal to share opps in your CRM like HubSpot

- Produce case studies, testimonials etc for shared wins 📢

- Intro mutual prospects and vice versa

- Meet your tech partners so you get to understand their business

Other companies like publishers, agencies, overlapping competitors etc can be great referral sources as well. I like the folks at Tipalti, LeadByte, NetRev and Databowl for instance....

Partnerships used to be seen as "fluffy" but you can attribute everything now.

Ignore this channel at your peril.