Fast money? Watch out!

Fast money? Watch out!

Your affiliate agency is printing money…

But everything is about to turn to 💩

You KNEW these basic mistakes below……

So why did you miss them?

Because you did, didn’t you?

Not capping 🧢

Anyone can blow through untested budgets. All that glitters is not gold.

No CVR limits or Click to Conversion thresholds 📈

Yep. Those 30% conversion rates did seem high, but let’s ignore them…until that Advertiser rings. To cancel.

No automated anti fraud

Sure... Work out to that 2 hr podcast and then check stats 5 hours later.

See what happens... 🧻 🚽

Not tracking events 

On CPL campaigns, its simple. If they are not real users, they ain’t going to become real customers….track post conversion events! 🍌

Not using SUB IDs

Your advertiser will kill your whole campaign unless you are passing SUB IDs up to them. Did I really have to remind you of that?

That big payment is coming soon

But its not.... is it? 

Not before that big bill.

Cash is king. 👑