Do you have too many SAAS tools?

Do you have too many SAAS tools?

SAAS creep is a real thing….

“I need this tool to use this one!”

“We need more insight, so let’s get this tool!”

Before you know it, it’s sprouted into a giant bill and a meeting with your CFO.

People usually start looking at new SAAS tools when existing systems are breaking. 

Automation and scaling solutions are key.

However, before you buy a new shiny tool, take a step back…..

SAAS tools should also build your assets. 

Income follows assets. 📈

Assets build a competitive moat. 🏰

Assets can be physical or digital, like features of your software / service or content (like Videos, white papers and case studies).

Before setting up a demo for another SAAS tool, think on the following: 

- How will this tool grow my assets? 

- Does this slot into my tech stack? 

- Can more than one team use this? 

- What tools can this replace? 

- Realistically, who else will use this? 

- Will this increase Revenue per person in my team / company?

- Will this tool allow a wider exposure to my assets? 

You don’t always need lots of tools. 

Sometimes you just need the best. 

Below are listed some of them: 

Prospecting tool:

Automated demos: Walnut

CRM: HubSpot

Gmail and Google suite - It has to feature!

Project management: Atlassian

Payment Processing:  Stripe and Tipalti

Partner Management: Everflow 

Partner Ecosystem: Crossbeam

Landing Page Optimisation: Unbounce