Scaling an Affiliate program for B2B

Scaling an Affiliate program for B2B

The majority of businesses in any country are small. Reaching consumers who also are businesses can be hard and expensive.

Highlighted are 12 rules on how to grow one of the most cost effective channels: Affiliate.

1) Have paid success BEFORE rolling out. Affiliates will give you one shot only.....

2) Don’t use the Affiliate channel as a testing ground 

Affiliates are like paid social. It takes time (minimum 3 months) 

3) Know how you compare against competitors

4) Don’t do live A/B testing on affiliate landing pages 📈

5) Have your Sales cycle dialled in before its open to affiliate

6) Attribute at the company level (use your CRM and your attribution platform to do this) 

7) Pay on a CPA and pay as fast as you can 💵

8) Provide detailed content for affiliates (often B2B is complex) 

9) Look at affiliates from review sites, emailers, start up sites and vertical specific 

10) Use referral partners 

11) QR codes for offline promotion are huge 

12) Use your CRM for lots of automated follow up to get affiliates over the line for their first sale 📨