Training overview for new starters in Affiliate Marketing

Training overview for new starters in Affiliate Marketing

Need to train someone new to the Affiliate world and don't know where to start? Shhhhh.......Borrow this and you are sorted!

This document is for any manager / owner who is running a performance based agency / network and needs to give someone new to the industry an overview. 

It's ideally suited for an Account Manager, SDR or junior Ad Ops position.

It's based on many training sessions I conducted whilst building teams. It's best used a guide whilst providing one to one training.

A whiteboard or equivilant should be availible.

This does assume you are familar with the concepts outlined here. I'd be happy to provide additional information if needed.

Time: Approx 2.5 hours.

What does your business do? 

Break down visually what it is that you do.Sketch out out.

Who are your customers? What are your products / services. Keep this VERY high level for now.

Before getting into the business further, let's take a look at the space in which we operate. 

The Internet  

-  How the internet works

Sketch out how the internet actually works. Start with the absolute basics. Watch the below to help you with the notes.

Great explanation by Aaron Titus

-  The concept of hosting

Understanding where files, pages actually are on the internet is prettty important. If you don't know yourself, now is the time to brush up.

Credit: Ray DelVecchio

-  Basic introduction to attributtion and tracking: Sever to Server postback and Direct Linking (for Facebook and Google)

If you are an Agency / Network you are bound to use a tracking platform. Whether its old tech, or something new like Everflow. Show how the tracking platform keeps a record of all engagements and allows analysis and correct attribution.

Keep this very high level!



Publishers and Advertisers in online advertising

- What is a Publisher?

Sketch out a basic web page and talk about how vistitors can turn into customers by buying products onsite or linking out to Advertisers.

- What is an Advertiser?

Pick a brand that your new starter is interested in. For example advertise on Google / Facebook to reach new users.

- What is a Network / Agency?

Explain how a Network / Agency sits inbetween an Advertiser and a Publisher

- How do individuals and companies make money with online advertisements?

Lots of examples here. If you are a Network, you can cite your clients

- Consumer funnel

Online Commercial models

- CPM (Cost per Thousand IMP)

- CPC (Cost per Click)

- CPA (Cost per Action / Lead / Acquistion)

- Revenue Share

Talk about the risk for Advertisers of CPM / CPC and risk to the Publishers of CPA / Rev Share.  eCPM and RPM. Outlining the merits and disadvantages of each of these models. 

To see eCPM in action, Together, go through this working example below

Types of traffic

Types of traffic are ranked by intent

-  Search (SEO, PPC) 

-  Email 

-  Native (Taboola, Outbrain etc)

-  Display (Retargeting, Programmatic) 

-  Social (Facebook / Tik Tok) 

Introduce the idea of First and Last Touch attribution 


What is fraud within our industry?

Types of fraud (Click injection, Proxy traffic, Incentivised traffic, SDK spoofing)

Why is stopping fraud important

History of your company 

Founders story

Breakdown of the teams and the departments - Link to Org chart 

Where does this person sit within the company as a whole

What are the important metrics for your company

What are the important metrics for this new starter?

How will she / he know if they are doing a good job?