"Zach is one of the most interesting people in business that I have ever met! He's knowledgeable and also very gracious with sharing that knowledge - which is so rare in business! Zach is always ready to introduce you to people that can support or help your business growth and is a consummate professional, I feel privileged to know and work with. He's a powerhouse in affiliate marketing and has a in depth insight into this market and how it connects that is rare. I'd recommend Zach to any business that's looking to grow and leap forward in Affiliate and Performance Marketing."

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Lee Ann Johnstone

CEO of Aviverse, Podcast host

"Zach Measures came to Intela in as our Commercial Director with the main task of establishing a footprint for Intela in the UK and integrating it with our existing US office. The main goals were to provide localized service to existing and prospective UK clients and to create a jumping off point for European expansion. He inherited a very small and inexperienced team which he quickly built upon through expert recruitment and mentorship of existing staff. Throughout his time at Intela, Zach took a 'can do' attitude when asked to complete additional projects or take on additional responsibilities while remaining intensely focused on revenue and bottom line numbers. In a short period of time and with limited direction, Zach was able to build a team for Intela and fully deliver on both goals. Zach is hard working, ethical, goal-oriented, and an experienced online marketing professional"

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Ryan Wilson

Founder of FiveFifty, M & A expert